The Angels Speak


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Readings for every day of the Advent Season.

Angels are a mystery, and an important part of the Christmas story. These every day meditations were written to accompany every Sunday readings you’ll find at Christian Publishers.

You can get a copy just for you or get permission to make copies for your small group or entire congregation. Check out all the options below. If you opt to purchase permission to make copies, please tell us how many copies you intend to make in the box below.

You can read samples of these devotions on my Hubpage

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The Christmas Season can get so busy. It’s easy to forget the true reason we celebrate. One way to help keep the focus is to read a bit of scripture and a short meditation each day. That’s what these readings are for. They just point us back to real Reason for the Season. You can order one for yourself in a PDF Form (that you can read on your kindle or tablet) or select an option to make copies for your congregation

You can read excerpts of these devotions on my hubpage

Each year I create a new set of Advent Readings for our church. I also send them to about 400 folks who’ve requested it. You can sign up to get them each day of Advent . . .

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