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Currently I'm giving away the full text of "Dive In to a Life of Freedom: Lessons from the Story of Naaman" as a thank you for filling out a 3 question survey and signing up for my e-mail list.  Not to worry!  I only send a couple of e-mail each month! 
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To help you get to know me and my work, I always offer free stuff!
In addition to the free book offered above, you'll find freebies in every category in the BookStore! Children's Lessons, Bible Studies, Devotions. I want to help you grow disciples in your church, and I'm willing to give you free resources to get you started. So click a link or two and feel free to send an e-mail!  I read each one personally!  I love to hear from you!

What do you need to help you as you share Jesus Christ with your corner of the world?
Kids' Lessons, Bible Studies, Devotional Readings, Discussion Guides, Advent Devotions, Sermon Starters? After more than 25 years of leading groups, helping in children's ministry and being a pastor's wife, my need for those resources has encouraged me to be a bit creative. And now I'd like to share! You'll find the full gamut of resources when you click the link above!  Plus, if you haven't already filled out the 3 question survey to get your free resources, do that now, because I'll give you an opportunity to answer that question!!! 

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I send devotional readings by e-mail at least twice a month.  You can be a part of any or all of those lists! I promise not to take it personally if you need to unsubscribe, and you'll never have to worry about someone else finding out your address, because I appreciate your trust and respect your privacy. 

About  every two weeks, I send new devotion by e-mail.  Almost as soon as they're sent, you'll also find them HERE.  Click to see some samples.  

General Devotion List

On the week opposite of the devotion e-mails, I send a devotion written especially for mothers.  Each of those are also uploaded.  So you can check out those samples HERE.

A Devotion List for Moms

And finally . . . beginning the first Sunday of Advent every year, I send daily readings written for the season.  Yep!  There are samples of those HERE too!

Daily Readings for Advent
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