Into the Promised Land

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Learning that God will never leave them
Will help children become strong and courageous.

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Into the Promised Land features the life of Joshua. When Moses died he had to appoint a successor, and God said that should be Joshua. I’ve always admired Joshua because he seemed to get it right more often than most. He had that mess up with Gibeon (we’ll look at that in lesson six), but other than that, God’s servant did pretty well.

I’ve often wondered if his success in life might not trace back to his days as Moses’ assistant. Joshua used to stay at the tent of meeting. He never left. (Exodus 33:11) Did he go inside and talk to God while Moses was away? After all, anyone was allowed to go there to inquire of the Lord. Or did he just spend all that time standing outside the tent talking to God? Either way, Joshua had developed a spirit of leadership, and He followed God closely.

As adults, we can learn as much from the life of Joshua as the kids in our lives. During these eight lessons, we’re going to focus on the fact that God will never leave us or forsake us. And that knowledge should help us be more like Joshua who remained strong and courageous despite the enemies he faced.

Each lesson has four parts: An introduction that will set up the Bible lesson, the Bible lesson, four activities, and a closing time. You may not have time for all the activities. Choose the ones that appeal to you the most. Be sure not to skip the closing activity. Hearing you pray out loud will make a great impression on these kids. Your prayer doesn’t need to be perfect, just heartfelt. I encourage you to pray spontaneously; however, if you’re not comfortable with that, I’ve included a sample you can use.

Thank you for helping children learn about God’s word. This ministry may be one of the most important in the church. God bless you as you bless others!

Joshua’s life gives us many examples of how faith in God empowers humans to become strong and courageous. Even the leader’s one mistake can show us the importance of consulting God even when we feel confident in our own decisions.

Author Lynne Modranski shares these eight lessons that were originally used in her home church to help teachers lead children into the Promised Land of Christ’s love.

This eight week curriculum will help kids learn

  • To be strong and courageous
  • How Rahab was strong and courageous
  • The strength and courage it took to cross the Jordan River
  • How the Israelites used strength and courage to defeat Jericho
  • The amazing things God does when we are strong and courageous
  • And more!

Let Into the Promised Land lead the children in your church to know God better and see how knowing God will never forsake them will help them be strong and courageous.


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Lynne feels blessed to know Jesus Christ. He's her Savior and her friend, and because of Christ her life is richer. So her passion has become to help others discover their full potential in Jesus so they can have the best life possible!

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