Ghostwriting and Editing Services

Thanks so much for your interest in Ghostwriting and Editing services.

Many self-published authors skip this step in the publishing process. It can seem like an unnecessary expense; however, I have stopped reading books because the author repeatedly broke the basic rules of avoiding redundancy, using an active voice, and show don’t tell. I’ve talked to many readers who couldn’t get past the overuse of commas and misspelled words to finish the book. All of this ends with no review or rating or worse, a bad review and one or two stars. I want to help you avoid that!

Because these services take considerable time, I am limited in the number of folks I can help each year. Please fill out the form below, and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.



Lynne provides Line and Copy editing. She’s less experienced with Developmental Editing, but can provide recommendations or even provide the service at a discount while she grows that skill.

Line Editing is a rather in depth editing step. Lynne will read your manuscript looking for continuity, parts that lead to confusion, missing information, sentence structure and meter as well as repetitive words, cliches and things that might slow down your story for your reader. Don’t worry, she understands the way you feel about your work. She doesn’t want to change your ideas, simply look for things you might miss because you’re so close to it.

Copy Editing finds the technical mistakes, like grammar, punctuation, capitalization. If you’ve vigorously edited your manuscript before it comes this way, you may only need this level of editing.

To get a working quote, please fill out the form above and submit about 20 pages of your manuscript. If you’d like a sample edit, mention that on the form, and Lynne will edit and return about 2000 words so you can see if her style fits your manuscript.

I’d love to help polish your manuscript. From watching for consistency in your story to making sure it stays engaging, I can help with every aspect of your book.

EXPERIENCE: With more than 20 years writing experience, I’ve been trained in Jerry Jenkins Guild and am a member of the Igniting Souls Guild.

Price based on Word Count – approximately 2-3 cents/word*


If you have your manuscript all ready, but just need a final set of eyes on it, be sure to fill in the form below. Let me correct those grammar faux pas, misspelled words, and pesky commas.

I’ve been a grammar Nazi since my teens, and I’ve honed my skills over the past decade.

Price based on Word Count approximately 1/2 – 1 cent/word*



You have a great story, but no time to write. I would love to help. I’ll interview you, gather pictures, and capture you’re personality to present your story in your words.

I write from a Christian perspective, so if you have a story that would fit, I’d love to schedule a chat so we can decide if it would be a good fit.

Prices begin at $4,000*

EXPERIENCE: My favorite ghostwriting project so far has been a short article I wrote for The Christian Heart  I’ve also ghostwritten devotions and curriculum.

*Prices shown are just to aid in your planning. Each manuscript is important and deserves individual attention. A quote for your project will be provided before work begins.



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