Forty Days in the Wilderness


Originally created as a Lenten Bible Discussion Guide, these six sessions can also be used anytime of the year. Many times we feel as though we are walking through a wilderness. The Bible reminds us there is a way out and often a purpose in our wilderness wanderings. This study is designed to help us appreciate the purpose and not linger there any longer than necessary.

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This Bible study has been designed to remind us why we recognize the six weeks before Holy Week as Lent. Between Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday there are 40 days. The same number of days that the Israelites scouted in the promised land, the same number of years the Israelites wandered in the desert and the same number of days that Jesus spent
in the wilderness/ desert after His baptism. We can use this time to reflect on all that God has done for us. Some Christians use this time to “give up something” to remind them of what Jesus “gave up” for us on the Cross. You are welcome to give up something important during this time if you’d like. However, it’s not necessary. In the next six weeks we’ll be looking at some “wilderness” experiences from scripture and comparing them to some of our own so that the next time we feel “lost in a desert” we will be able to draw encouragement and strength from the scriptures in this study. At the end of each study we’ll look at what was “given up” (sometimes for the good and sometimes unnecessarily) because of the wilderness experience.

This study includes these lessons:
1. I’m in the Wilderness, but How Did I Get Here? Numbers 13 & 14
2. I’m in the Wilderness, and it’s Not My Fault? Genesis 21
3. What? You Want Me to Go Into the Wilderness on Purpose? Matthew 10
4. Are You Grumbling in the Wilderness Exodus 16:1-30
5. Strength in the Wilderness Matthew 4:1-13
6. God’s Promise After the Wilderness. Isaiah 32 & 35

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