Devotions Inspired by Life

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Devotions Inspired by Life contains more than 70 short meditations inspired by muffins, buzzards, grandkids, and more–because even a falling ice cream cake can teach a Jesus lesson. These devotions are available in paperback, PDF, and a variety of e-reader versions. If you leave a review, I’ll send a coupon so you can get even more devotions! (Feel free to review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads and more! Just send me the link for your review and I’ll ship off you coupon! Limit: 2 per person)

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What if buzzards, blue jays, ice cream, and snowflakes could lead us in our journey to having daily devotions? What about a breakfast sandwich and the flu?

Jesus used illustrations from everyday life to teach His disciples. In the same way, God blesses us daily with aha moments.

What if every experience offers a new perspective on life and could help deepen our relationship with our Savior?

Lynne created Devotions Inspired by Life to help those growing in Christ to find inspiration in the everyday. Each moment of our life has the potential to show us Jesus. Let these short reads give you encouragement as you walk with Jesus.

When you click that Amazon Link, I get a tiny kickback from them in addition to the amount I make on the book. We’re talking pennies here, but every cent helps!

Did you know that Lynne loves to share these stories in person? If you’re having a retreat or special event, give her a call or drop an email. She would love to visit your location and share the experiences that have taught her how to give up the rules of religion for the relationship with her Savior.

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Lynne feels blessed to know Jesus Christ. He's her Savior and her friend, and because of Christ her life is richer. So her passion has become to help others discover their full potential in Jesus so they can have the best life possible!

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