Fountain of Everlasting Life

What is Everlasting Life?

Everyone wants to live forever–everlasting life. Ponce de Leon was only one of a dozen ancients who searched for some fountain of youth. For many, aging is the enemy. But perhaps that’s because they’ve never read the secret to everlasting life.

Christians know the basics of eternal life. We learn John 3:16 early in our Christ-walk: “Whoever believes in Him will have eternal life.” Still, most church people believe never-ending life begins when our bodies die. I used to think that way; however, scripture has shown me otherwise. Most notably John 17:3: Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”

We experience eternal life when we know the Father and the Son.

Eternal life is not a heavenly transition. If we’re doing it right, the only thing that should change when our heart ceases to beat will be a change of location. Our level of friendship with the Trinity won’t change, we’ll just be able to see Him face to face.

For instance, when your friend goes on vacation or moves to a new town are you any less their friend? Their absence doesn’t diminish your friendship. Now, if you stop all conversation with them, and limit your interaction to Christmas cards, the friendship will wane. Fortunately for those of us living in the twenty-first century, social media has given us even more opportunities to keep our friends close even when the miles separate.

Our relationship with God is the same. We transition into eternal life as soon as we know Him personally. The moment the Father moves from a distant God to our personal Savior, everlasting life begins. We get to choose the level of friendship. We can be social media friends, acquaintances, part of a large group, or a member of the inner circle, and the depth of the friendship is determined by the amount of time we invest in the relationship.

I pray today that you are part of Jesus’ inner circle. I want to hold the same position James, John and Peter held. My face should glow like Moses, my heart should be described like David’s, and my righteousness should be credited like Abraham, because He was God’s friend. Even in the Old Testament, these men and  others experienced eternal life here on earth because they knew the One who grants access to the fountain of youth.

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