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31 God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.
 And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.

Genesis 1:31

If you’re looking for a quick Bible Lesson that will hold their attention (for kids up to about 11), try opening your Bible to Genesis One.  You’ll need

  • one black sheet of construction paper
  • a white piece of paper for each child
  • crayons for each child

    (Check the end for an idea to use this with Older Kids)

I’ve used this lesson countless times when I have to fill in for a children’s class teacher and didn’t have time to prepare for a lesson.

Begin by reading just the first two verses of Genesis one. Then show them the black sheet of paper. 

SAY: Before God made the Earth everything was dark.  The earth had no shape, no color, nothing. It was a pretty boring earth. But then God did some amazing things!

Read Verses 3-5  Show one sheet of white paper and give your child one piece. 

SAY: Then God made light. So now we have darkness (show the black piece) and light (show the white piece).  And did you see what else God created on the first day? (See if they can guess)  God created time!  It says He called the lighted part day and the dark part night. Up until then, there was no time!  So on the first day, God created light and time

Read verses 6-8  

SAY: What did God create on the second day?  (See if they can guess) God created the sky.  So let’s draw some sky on your paper.  God created the sky to separate the place where all the stars are from where we live now. Let me see your sky. (You could draw along with them)

Read verses 9-13

SAY: So what did God create on the third day? (See if they can guess) God created three things.  He created the land and he named the water seas and then he created the plants and trees. Can you draw the land, the sea and some plants and trees.

Read verses 14-19

SAY: What did God create on the fourth day?  (Allow the time to guess)  God made the Sun and the Moon and the stars. Can you draw those on your picture of Creation?

Read verses 20-23

SAY: What did God create on the fifth day? (Allow for answers) God made the birds and the sea creatures.  What’s your favorite sea creature?  Can you draw that?  What’s your favorite kind of bird?  Can you draw a bird flying in the sky?  (Show the children how to draw “V” type birds so they can feel like great artists.)

Read verses 24-25

SAY: What did God create on the sixth day?  (Allow for answers) God created all of the animals that walk on the earth.  What kinds of animals can you think of? (Help them think of one mammal, one amphibian and one reptile at least) Can you draw your favorite land animal? 

After they draw their favorite animal ask:

SAY: Did you hear what God said every time after he created?  (Allow for answers, and if they don’t know, go back and read verses 12 and 21) God saw that everything He had made was good. Everything God made was good, the light and the time, the land and the sea, the Sun, Moon and stars.  All of the plants and birds, the sea creatures and the animals.  They are all good.  But God wasn’t done.

Read verses 26-27

SAY:  So what else did God create on the sixth day? (Allow for answers) God made humans. He made a man and a woman.  Can you draw a man and a woman on the land?  (And as they draw) What did God say about the woman and the man?  (allow for answers) God said He created them in His image. We were made to look like God!!!  Not on the outside, but on the inside. And then God said the Man and woman were very good. The rest of creation, He simply called good, but humans He called VERY good!  God think you are VERY GOOD!  He’s glad He made you!

After they’re done with their picture, if you haven’t lost their attention, ask them to use their picture to recap the six days of creation. Ask them which things God thought were good and which He thought were VERY good.  If you have young ones and do this just before nap time, you could go on to ask them what God did on the seventh day, after He was all done creating. Then when you explain He rested, you can encourage them to rest.

If you have older kids, you might give the the Bible and ask them to use the description to show how God created everything.  Encourage them to memorize Genesis 1:27 and /or Genesis 1:31

You’ll find more Lesson ideas (a lot free) in the store!

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