Mom Devotions

And the Forecast Calls for More Quarantine!

Originally written for snowed in moms, this will encourage you during quarantine.

Magnolia Trees

Mom Devotions

Sit Still for a Minute

It’s hard for moms to be still. Even when we stop our mind races.

What do you worship?

General Devotions

Would you Follow another God?

It would be handy if false gods identified themselves.


Thoughts and Musings

COVID-19 Update

Seems like everyone has a Covid-19 Statement, so I figured I should have one too!

foggy hill

General Devotions

Faith in the Fog

Sometimes it takes more faith to walk in the darkness than to see a prayer answered.


General Devotions

The Last Snowfall

Snow. A great lesson about the uniqueness of all creation.

The Virgin Mary

Bible Study Discussion

What’s All The Fuss About Mary

Mary deserves our admiration, but I’m not sure she needs our prayers.

Don't be afraid

Mom Devotions

Nothing to Be Afraid of

Too many think “Fear of the Lord” means cowering and trembling, but what if that’s not it?


Mom Devotions

Letters to a Young Mother #1

Many years ago I kept journals as a young mom. This is the first of devotions inspired by that young mom.

Living on Purpose

Bible Study Discussion, Resources

What is My Purpose?

Everyone searches for purpose. But there’s only one place to find it.

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