Mom Devotions

And the Forecast Calls for More Quarantine!

Originally written for snowed in moms, this will encourage you during quarantine.

Magnolia Trees

Mom Devotions

Sit Still for a Minute

It’s hard for moms to be still. Even when we stop our mind races.

Don't be afraid

Mom Devotions

Nothing to Be Afraid of

Too many think “Fear of the Lord” means cowering and trembling, but what if that’s not it?


Mom Devotions

Letters to a Young Mother #1

Many years ago I kept journals as a young mom. This is the first of devotions inspired by that young mom.

Dance with the Prince

Mom Devotions

Are You Ready to Dance With the Prince

If Cinderella had to choose, would she have stayed with Fairy Godmother or gone to dance with the Prince?

rubies plug nickel

Mom Devotions

If I’m worth more than Rubies . . .

Proverbs 31 says I’m worth more than rubies, but most of the time I barely feel like a plug nickel.

Mom Devotions

Snow Days

What do you do on your children’s days off? Are you ready to lead them to Christ?

Mom Devotions

No More Lists

There is still one person for whom we keep a record of wrongs

Mom Devotions

Giving Good Gifts

It’s important to teach our children to appreciate God’s good gifts.