Christmas Blessings

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Christmas Blessings contains twenty-eight devotions to help you stay focused on Christ during the busyness of the Christmas Season.

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The Bible contains an abundance of promises from our Heavenly Father, and many of them point to the coming of Christ, either the first time or the second. I hope you realize each blessing was meant for you!

The Themes for each week:

  • The Candle of the Patriarchs – The first week we’ll look at blessings given to the mothers and fathers of the faith.
  • The Candle of Prophecy – The second week our focus will turn to blessings pronounced by the men of God who brought the Word to the world.
  • The Candle of His Presence – A focus on the blessings for those who live in Christ’s presence.
  • The Candle of Promise – Jesus told us He would return for us. This last week, we’ll concentrate on our Savior’s second advent.

It all begins four Sundays before Christmas, but I’m already excited about these short devotions. As I’ve written them, every scripture has become a little more alive to me, and I hope my aha moments will bless you, too.

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