Adira: Journey to Freedom

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When Nehemiah answered God’s call to build a wall in Jerusalem,
who knew it would turn a young girl’s world upside-down

To Nehemiah’s niece, Jerusalem seemed a world away.
Despite enemy threats, her father and uncle seemed bent on going.
Tired of sharing her father with the strange city,
Adira resents the Jewish homeland.

How could a real God let life get so out of control?
Little did Adira know, all the upheaval she had faced so far
was about to seem inconsequential.
Perhaps she’d appreciate all she had when it was all gone.

Follow Adira from Susa to Jerusalem to places unknown,
as she journeys toward freedom and searches for home.

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If you enjoy Biblical Historical Fiction Books, You’ll love Adira!

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Do you love Historical Fiction Books? As I read the story of Nehemiah for the 30-somethingth time, I wondered if his brother, Hanani, had a family. And Adira was born. I’ve had fun getting to know her and her family over the last two years as I’ve put the story on paper, then typed it into the computer. Now, you can read Adira’s story on Kindle Vella. That’s a new place on Amazon where authors put their drafts, allowing you to get sneak peeks at upcoming novels for free. If you read it over there and like it, be sure it give it a thumbs up! Plus, stop by Goodreads or come back here and leave a short review (or a long one). I truly appreciate those!


Check out these endorsements:

Simply put, Lynne’s vision for Adira is otherworldly. I love everything about it: the creativity, the storytelling, the new spin on an old story—and one of my favorites at that. Highly recommend.

—Dr. Kary Oberbrunner
Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author,
CEO Igniting Souls

In Adira: Journey to Freedom, Lynne Modranski provides a time machine that transports us to the days of Nehemiah. It is a primer for the “biblical imagination.”

—Michael Card
singer, songwriter, theologian,
and author of
The Biblical Imagination series

 Lynne Modranski’s first novel, Adira, is a thoroughly engaging read. Beautifully written, the narrative gave me a picture of life in the Biblical days of the prophet Nehemiah. The dialogue is so true to the times I felt I was present. Her character Adira trusts God to guide her life while she struggles with the meaning of true freedom. “Now, I would wait for Yawheh’s next big move,” she says at the end of a chapter. So, I too, as the reader, had to wait and reached a satisfying ending.

—Rita Gerlach
author of the
Daughters of the Potomac Series, Wait Until Morning, and Barbour Books Novella Contributor


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Additionally, you’ll find more reviews on Goodreads and these five-star reviews from The Library Thing:

TWEEZLE writes:

This well researched and well written story takes place in the time of Nehemiah and is about Adira, a young teen (13 if I remember correctly) who was sold into slavery. She explores her feelings about the God of her forefathers and Ahura Mazda. This book is about faith, growing spiritually, mentally and physically and dealing with the difficulties and hardships of her situation.

Adira is a charming girl that was a pleasure to follow through her journey. Although I feel the targeted audience is young adults, all ages will enjoy and learn from this story. One nice surprise was the inclusion of Queen Esther! I’ll have to dig more into this, but it is very possible she was around at this time. Something I didn’t know!

This is a nice historical fiction story that will transport you back in time – where you will learn about the traditions, etc. A true treasure to read and enjoy!!!

This book was provided by the author through the ER program for an honest review.


JOY62 said:

This is an excellent book! I really enjoyed being taken back to Nehemiah’s (& his family’s time in Jerusalem. Adira doesn’t know at first if she believes in Yahweh; she’s been surrounded by false gods. She loves her abba’s Father) retelling of Israel’s history. After she’s kidnapped & sold into slavery, through her various trials she begins to understand that Yahweh is real & starts praying to Him. She also praises Him in spite of her situation & sometimes because He’s looking after her through godly people she meets. Eventually she’s found & makes it home to Jerusalem. It’s interesting watching her grow in faith throughout the book. This was hard to put down; I really enjoyed it! And, yes, I would like to read Miriam’s & Michael’s story.



A fascinating book, based on a fictionalized character related to Nehemiah in the Bible. The story was accurate to the time and to the setting, and realistically could have happened. Well written – I didn’t want to put it down. I hope the author continues this story line by tracing some of the other characters.

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