Dance with the Prince

Are You Ready to Dance With the Prince

Revelation 21:5
[Jesus said] “I am making everything new.”

In a book by Joanna Weaver called “Having a Mary Spirit,” she likens us to Cinderella. Mrs. Weaver says,

“I think most of us think that way [seeking instant transformation instead of doing a little work] at some time or another. I call it the “Fairy-Godmother Syndrome.” We don’t want to be challenged; we just want to be changed. Don’t tell us to work out our salvation, God. Just wave Your wand, sprinkle pixie dust, and viola! We’ll be what we’ve always wanted to be – Cinderella Christians complete with a new gown, glass slippers and a glistening coach to ride.”

She goes on to elaborate a bit, but her analogy set my brain in motion with comparisons of how the Cinderella story coincides with our life.

You see, much like Cinderella, we want more out of life. It doesn’t matter that we have pretty good lives, much better than sitting in cinders as the maid. Most of us have a day every now and then when we wish a fairy godmother would show up and send us to a ball, preferably somewhere in the Caribbean. And worse, when things finally start to go our way, we tend to run from the “Prince” and put our hope in the fairy godmother.

But these truths should make us long to dance with the Prince:

  1. Trusting in the fairy godmother brings temporary beauty and happiness while a relationship with the “Prince” is a lifetime of riches and blessing.
  2. The fairy godmother may help us find the “Prince”, she may allow the glass slipper to hang around, but if we keep focused on the fairy instead of the “Prince” we’ll miss the dance, the fun and chance to be a Princess.
  3. When the “Prince” comes to find us, we can’t keep hiding in the bedroom if we want to spend the rest of our lives with Him.

Joanna Weaver points out the main problem with having the “Fairy-Godmother Syndrome” is that when we trust in the Fairy-Godmother instead of creating relationship with the “Prince,” eventually the clock will strike midnight, the gown will turn to rags and we’ll be left to walk back home in our bare feet.

Never forget that Prince Jesus already loves you. He’s waiting for you at the ball. Don’t settle for the short term promise the world gives, don’t run off just because the clock is striking twelve, just keep dancing with the “Prince.” He doesn’t mind your rags or your bare feet!

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