Dance with the Prince

Mom Devotions

Are You Ready to Dance With the Prince

If Cinderella had to choose, would she have stayed with Fairy Godmother or gone to dance with the Prince?

McMuffin Lessons

General Devotions

Lessons from an Egg McMuffin

What would it look like if you made English Muffins for Jesus?

Trinity Discussion Guide

Bible Study Discussion

How do I explain the Trinity?

The Trinity can be a complicated concept. So let’s try to explain it a bit better.

They asked you to teach Sunday School

Leadership Tips, Resources

Nine Steps to Teaching Kid’s in Church

Are you afraid you’ll be called on to teach the kids? Here are some helpful tips!

rubies plug nickel

Mom Devotions

If I’m worth more than Rubies . . .

Proverbs 31 says I’m worth more than rubies, but most of the time I barely feel like a plug nickel.

Mom Devotions

Snow Days

What do you do on your children’s days off? Are you ready to lead them to Christ?


General Devotions

But, I Put it Away!

Becoming a hoarder is easy. But what if it’s deadly?

Break the Chains

Thoughts and Musings

To Feel Good or Live Free

God may have no gender, but stripping away His titles robs folks of Freedom.


Leave the Empty Boxes Behind

Devotions for Advent 2019 Here’s the Archive list for the 2019 Advent Devotions

General Devotions, Subscriptions Services

OR Maybe it’s Growing Like a Bad Weed

People say Children grow like bad weeds, but should we use that phrase?

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