What do you worship?

General Devotions

Would you Follow another God?

It would be handy if false gods identified themselves.

foggy hill

General Devotions

Faith in the Fog

Sometimes it takes more faith to walk in the darkness than to see a prayer answered.


General Devotions

The Last Snowfall

Snow. A great lesson about the uniqueness of all creation.

McMuffin Lessons

General Devotions

Lessons from an Egg McMuffin

What would it look like if you made English Muffins for Jesus?


General Devotions

But, I Put it Away!

Becoming a hoarder is easy. But what if it’s deadly?

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OR Maybe it’s Growing Like a Bad Weed

People say Children grow like bad weeds, but should we use that phrase?

General Devotions

Today’s Vocabulary Lesson

Do we limit God with the words we use?

General Devotions

I am Weak, but He is Strong

I like to think I can help someone find Christ, but the truth is I am weak.

General Devotions

A New Definition of Wicked

I’m not wicked . . . Right?