The Wall of My Faith

. . . a flimsy wall is built, and they cover it with whitewash.
Tell those who cover it with whitewash it is going to fall.

Ezekiel 13:8-16

If a carpenter builds a flimsy wall and paints it to look pretty, his reputation won’t stand much longer than the wall. The first time a heavy wind blows or someone leans on it, the carpenter’s career would fall with the structure.

A few years ago, my husband and I daily drove past an ongoing construction project. They cleared the land and then began the block work. They laid the first course and then the second. Slowly but steadily, row by row the walls began to grow. However, when we saw the first row being laid my husband said, “That basement will never stand.”

The first course of block was laid on the ground. There was no foundation. So when the first rain fell (after 10 courses were laid for the freestanding basement), the entire structure fell. To my untrained eye, the wall looked fine, but those like my husband knew it was flimsy.

More tragic, all across America, and perhaps throughout the entire world, people build shoddy walls. Yes, some are structural and lead to the collapse of construction projects and careers. But many are spiritual. Weak spiritual walls collapse under the strain of life. Some people begin rebuilding immediately, while others flounder for years before they find someone who can help them put the blocks together. A few will give up on the process all together and never reach their full potential in life.

Every day spiritual houses are built with weak foundations, walls set on good works, rules and rituals. Construction begins with self-help books, motivational speeches and world values. Their lives look beautiful, like the whitewashed walls of Ezekiel’s time, but when a storm comes, the wall crumbles. Some withstand the first few torrents, but eventually, without the bedrock of salvation in Jesus Christ, those spiritual walls will cave in, and many don’t even try to rebuild.

It’s not just an Old Testament concept. In 1 Corinthians 3, Paul dealt with the matter, too. He said some Christian leaders were building with sticks and straw, materials that would burn when they went through the fire of life.

“How is your wall?” Do you have a strong foundation? Is your faith built on the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ or have you been trying to be “good enough?” Are you building a foundation that will last? You can choose tools like God’s Word, Bible Study, Christian Fellowship and the like. Or you can use other books and human advice, ignoring God’s commands and trusting in your own goodness to build your wall.

In Ezekiel’s day the prophets and leaders were building flimsy walls of faith. During the time of Paul, in the early days of Christianity, it was still a problem. Today is no different.

I pray we’ll look at our lives daily and examine our foundation to be sure we build on nothing other than the truth of Jesus Christ. Once our foundation is solidly laid, may we build using only gold, silver and costly stones, not material possessions of the world, but precious nuggets of truth from God’s Word. So when those storms Jesus predicted in Matthew 7 come, our house will stand strong and firm on the Rock of our foundation, Jesus Christ.

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