About Lynne

Lynne Modranski took her first steps in the faith in her parents’ home, but she didn’t really start walking with Christ on her own till the 1980’s.   A lot of her early steps were taken as she raised her three girls.

She and her husband, Steve, have been journeying together with Christ for more than thirty years.  As a pastor’s wife, Lynne has created a lot of resources for Children’s Ministries, Advent, Bible Studies and more.  Her devotional books are some of her most popular resources. In addition to leading a few Bible Studies at her home church, Lynne also leads worship every Sunday!

Besides writing, Lynne enjoys golf and genealogy.  But some of her favorite times are the ones she spends with her four grandchildren.  Her passion is to become everything that Christ has made her to be and to help others on their journey too!

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